What’s new

  1. New exlusive Curio for Zhong Kui: Ghostslayer
  2. New 12* Gem: You can now ascend 11* gems to 12*; the upper limit of Gem Refine level has adjusted to Lv.12.
  3. Added Floor 161-180 to Gem Trial
  4. New Random March skins are now available at Castle Lv.25 and Stella Force Lv.10, and can be accessed in March Skin interface after activation
  5. Added a new Rune Preset feature: A 2nd set of Runes can be equipped to Heroes and can be used with one click in the Rune Preset. This feature is available at VIP Lv.15.
  6. Added New Relic feature: Activate Relic and corresponding attributes will become effective. Relic feaure is accessible in Sanctum when Castle reaches Lv.20.


  1. The Auto Speedup feature is now available from VIP Lv.1.