This action is for active Alliances, in which participants go on campaigns to the Hell Fortress. Each ally brings points to the bank of the entire alliance, and as they accumulate, you can get 10 phases of rewards. At phase 10, you can get 5 fragments of a 5-star Hero (Sarbor or Zeus)

How to get points

Challenge Lvl 1-7 Hell Fortress4,500
Defeat Lv. 8-14 Hell Fortress6,000
Defeat Lv. 15-21 Hell Fortress9,000
Defeat Lv. 22-28 Hell Fortress12,000
Defeat Lv. 29-34 Hell Fortress15,000
Defeat Lv. 35-55 Hell Fortress18,000

Each Stamina point gives you 300 points.