1. When the event begins, a Hellhound will emerge on the world map. You can attack the Hellhound with Devilbane Sword, and each attack grants 2 to 10 points at random. Accumulate points to raise the event level and unlock corresponding rewards.
  2. Defeating higher-level Hell Fortress yields more Devilbane Swords.
  3. The event lasts for 3 days. On the 4th day, you can claim the rewards you won, but you cannot obtain more Devilbane Swords.
  4. Each unused Devilbane Sword will be converted into 10 Diamonds after the event ends.

How to get Devilbane Swords

How to getCap
Purchase PacksDepends on the packs you buy
Hell Fortress30 (3 every higher HF)
Daily Quest15