Sign-Up Requirements

  1. Lords must join an alliance.
  2. Castle level must be at least 10.
  3. A minimum of 10 alliance members must sign up.

Match Process

[Sign-up Phase]
1. Lords need to sign up for the Banner Brawl. When registering, they must choose one of the lanes and configure their teams.
2. Teams registered for battle do not occupy march queues, and soldiers will not die in the Banner Brawl.
3. The maximum number of troops that can participate in each lane is limited by the current alliance grade, and teams with higher Might have priority.
4. After the alliance successfully joins, all registered members (including those who registered but did not participate) will receive rewards.
5. Alliance with insufficient registered members cannot participate.
6. If a registered member leaves the alliance after matchmaking phase begins, their troops will continue to participate but will not receive rewards.

[Matchmaking Phase]
1. 6 alliances with similar grades will be randomly assigned to a group. (If there are fewer than 6 alliances, they will still be grouped together. If the number of alliances is odd, it is allowed to have a bye round, and the alliance with a bye round will automatically win that round).
2. Alliances that have successfully registered cannot disband/immigrate until their Banner Brawl ends.

[Preparing Phase]
1. The Banner Brawl will be conducted in a group round-robin format, with each alliance competing against the other five alliances in their group, totalling 5 rounds of competition.
2. Before each round of battle, there is a preparation phase, during which alliance members can adjust their troop deployments. Alliance Leader and officers can move one or all troops from one lane to another. After the preparation phase ends, battlefield cleanup will commence. During this time, you won’t be able to re-adjust your deployment, so please plan your time wisely.

[Battle Phase]
1. During battles, two alliances will compete for 3 War Banners in 3 Lanes.
2. Troops from both sides of each lane will take turns to engage in battles (i.e., a round-robin format). The winner will continue to battle the next troop with remaining units. Each troop can only fight a certain number of battles (the limit depends on the current alliance grade).
3. In each lane, the side that first defeats all of the opponent’s troops wins that lane and captures the War Banner.
4. The side that capture the most War Banners wins, earning 3 points.
5. In case of an equal number of War Banners captured, it’s considered a draw, and both sides receive 1 point.

[Settlement Phase]
1. After completing 5 rounds of competition, rankings will be determined based on the points of each alliance in the group, and rank rewards will be distributed accordingly. Alliances with the same amount of points will be ranked based on the total Might of troops the alliance deployed.
2. After each round of competition, rewards will be distributed based on the alliance’s victories or defeats, and Kill Rewards will be sent based on the number of enemy troops each Lord defeated.